Where can I get help with xPRO Controller?  Can I find more information on the xPRO?

xPRO also offers Technical Support online free of charge.  Community assistance is always available on the OpenBuilds Forums.

Example xPRO Wiring SetUp - SparkFun

Example xPRO Wiring SetUp - C-Beam Machine


What software should I use with my xPRO?

The  xPRO controller is designed to interface with any GRBL based control software. 

GRBL Panel is free, open source code available for download.  Questions?  GRBL Panel Support

 Universal Gcode Sender is free, open source code available for download.  Questions?  Universal Gcode Sender Support

 The OpenBuilds Software Forum is a great way to connect with like-minded Builders.



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Diagram 2.0