• Does OpenBuilds offer custom cuts?
    Yes, OpenBuilds can provide custom lengths of V-Slot Linear Rail up to our maximum length at no additional cost.  Just add the closest length (longer than the cut you require) to your cart and add a note at checkout with your requirements.  Tolerance is +/- 1mm.
    *Custom Cuts are not available during Covid 19 due to the need to process essential orders and limited staff availability.

  • Is tapping available?
    Yes, tapping is available for a small fee.  Please reach out to customer service for details.

  • How do I cut V-Slot on my own? 
    V-Slot is easy to cut to length with a hack saw or a chop saw.  Read more about Cutting Aluminum Extrusion on our forum.  Please follow all equipment manufacturer's safety instructions and wear safety glasses when cutting!

  • How do I cut OpenRail to length?
    Cutting OpenRail is tricky and can be dangerous.  Please request custom lengths pre-cut when placing your order.
    Note:  OpenRail can be butted up against each other end to end when longer lengths are required.